True Skate Mod Apk

True Skate Mod Apk is a highly well-liked game among gamers who enjoy skating. To enjoy the game, all players need is a place to skateboard. You can win the game with the aid of the fantastic control scheme in this one. On ice or on the land, explore the locations and skate around them. Beat the competition and showcase your abilities to the world. In addition to these aspects, the game contains 3D graphics that offer stunning images and sound that gives it a spark. The game also provides unlimited money and a variety of things. You must participate in the game to improve your abilities.

The Storyline of True Skate Mod Apk:

With a multitude of customizing options, the game provides the most lifelike 3D skating sensations on your Android device. Skateboards come in a wide range of styles, sizes, and shapes. Instead, you might put your skating skills to the test in one of the many skate parks in the area.

Realistic control and mechanics are other factors that contribute to the engaging gaming experience. On a real skateboard, you would feel like a pro skateboarder with each turn and flip.

Being able to play it was an absolute thrill. We like the wide range of skateboards, skating rinks, and skating styles offered. They significantly expand the diversity of the game.


Speaking of basic physics, the game’s gameplay, which is incredibly realistic, incorporates almost every element of skating. For instance, you might need to hurry up by sliding your fingertips across the screen in order to keep your board moving. It provides a completely distinct experience when compared to other games in the same genre.

Additionally, you can upgrade the option of upgrading your skateboard by changing the parts and gears.

Mod Features of True Skate Mod Apk

The game consists of several interesting features that will definitely provide complete information about it. 

Genuine Physics

If you’re a genuine skateboarder, you’ll be surprised by how realistic the in-game physics actually are and be able to tell the difference between this game and other skating games. The degree of grip, control, stability, and so on all resemble actual skateboarder moves. Along with having fun, you might gain a lot of skating knowledge from this game.


In contrast to the typical skateboarding video games, you control a skateboard rather than an athlete in this one. You can steer the moving skateboard with two fingers while attempting to balance it and prevent it from flipping. Slide on the screen to make the skateboard move in the appropriate directions, or swipe to the back to reverse the skateboard’s order. If you’re good, you can skateboard using a number of tricks, such as the kickflip or the backside.

Rewinding and Slowing Down

The slow motion and rewind tools in True Skate are available for you to see what occurred after you’ve just executed a fantastic move or a challenging challenge. You may quickly watch your fancy tricks hundreds of times with a few simple clicks and swipes. Additionally, you always have the choice to go back in slow motion. And if you’re happy with your accomplishments, you can document the steps for review at a later time.

Mission and Obstacles

In the genuine skate mod, users of the app can select from a variety of game modes to train skating virtually in a variety of rinks, incorporating street leagues, barricades, and additional tournament leagues. After selecting your mode, complete the missions that are presented to you. There are a lot of obstacles to do in multiplayer games, and if you complete them, you’ll be able to win thrilling gifts because they’ll help you rapidly rack up bonus points.

Adaptable Deck

You can customize the graphics on your deck if you enjoy using skateboarding as a means of expressing your personal style. And you may simply wipe off the artwork and replace it with new artwork if you decide that the previous fashions are no longer hip. Be aware that the color of your deck will gradually wear off if you scuff it off even more.

Genuine Ice Slider

With realistic obstacles, several light sources that appear like natural light sources, and shadows, the game’s 3D graphics stand out and demonstrate its extremely high frame rate. Additionally, the sound is fantastic, particularly for each kick to move down the road more quickly and the noise made when the skateboard rubs against the surface or metal rails.

The player must swipe the skateboard to boost speed and tap, drag it from side to side, drag it from side to side, and rotate it because there are no buttons in True Skate’s control strategy. 

You have to handle the skateboard on the ski park’s flat track and navigate its lumpy and challenging stretches, such just on the ski park flat track but also as you navigate its lumpy and challenging stretches, rails, steps, and ramps.

Different Slide Locations

In True Skate, there are many distinct slide places, and this park features various tracks, including half pipes, to test players. To finish the game’s objective, you can either start from a close starting location and skate around and do tricks as you investigate. With the default configuration, you can use the reset tab at the top of the display to return to the level in the game nearest starting place in the park if you ever wish to restart after failing or experiencing a serious crash.

Variety of Skateboards

Users of True Skate Mod Apk have many options for where they can go skateboarding. In a blend of comfort, you can take advantage of a variety of skating sensations. The virtual world is increased for users when using the skateboard variety, and users are shielded from any physical mishaps. You have a variety of skateboards to pick from in the game; you can customize it however you like. You can choose from a number of relevant and well-before skating boards and use them with your best skills.

Lock skis and alter their colors

Check out the newest skateboard models in the store. Packages are offered, or you can select particular skis. Several of the skateboard designs that I enjoy are the Tampa Pro, France, and Brazilian ones because of their gaze textures. The skateboard can be altered, and the wheels’ color can be changed. Make every change from the earlier design. You’ll be the center of attention in the park if you have great skateboarding talents and an exceptional skateboard.

3D Graphics

3D digital graphics in the game provide amazing skateboarding adventures. Every park design, board, and piece of artwork is true and can be found in any rink in the actual world. The skating surface in a competition is entirely different from a street skate park.

Our tests saw no lag was seen throughout our tests because the game ran flawlessly on mid-range hardware. There are still minor lag issues on less powerful systems, but they are not noticeable and the game is still accessible.


When racing the board, you can even hear your car moving as the acceleration, braking, and turning are so precise. The sound effects for every kickflip and another feat you pull off in True Skate are also very thrilling, adding to the game’s realism.

Even hearing your board hit the wall after a mishap might make you shudder. You believe that your skateboard is genuinely broken because of this.

What’s New?

  • Unlimited Money
  • Premium Unlocked
  • Unlimited Skates
  • Unlocked Lists
  • Free to Use
  • Easy to install
  • Unlimited Credits

How to Install True Skate Mod Apk?

  • Click the download button below.
  • Download the file and wait for completion.
  • Allow unknown resources from settings.
  • Install the game on your device.
  • Open the game.
  • Enjoy!


The genuine skate mod apk download gives players a virtual skating encounter in the game so they can all enjoy their favorite sport without taking any unnecessary risks. Enjoy the game with a number of cutting-edge features and built-in capabilities to improve the users’ gaming experience. Explore different areas while using skateboards.

Users of this modified version can take advantage of all the additional features of the full version without any advertising or rooting requirements.


Is it safe to use this Mod Apk?

It is absolutely safe to use True Skate Mod Apk on any device. You should be informed that each modified game we posted has been examined by our experts using a number of sophisticated antivirus programs. As a result, using this software won’t put your security and safety in danger.

True Skate contains ads, right?

True Skate does have commercials, but they are sporadically placed all through the game and won’t disturb or distract you from your gaming experience. However, video ads that compensate you for viewing them constitute the majority of the in-game marketing in this game.

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