Top 10 Super Addictive Online Games – To Play At Work

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Are you overworked and underpaid? Do you wish to reward your boss by not doing any work and criticizing anyone who has to stop taking a break? Feel like you can melt at your desk with boredom? Here we have top 10 super addictive online games that you can surely play easily at your workplace to get relaxed.

I am about to pass on some information that I hope you will, with all my heart, do not abuse for the sake of your employers. 

Top 10 super addictive online games

As we know that there will always be minutes or hours to kill in the office when you have absolutely nothing to do in that place. Instead of just browsing for videos on YouTube, we’ve found a list of  Top 10 Super Addictive Online games that will help you get rid of boredom. Be careful not to get into this type of entertainment where time seems to fly by, and your bosses are constantly on the move. 

Daymare Town Series: Daymare Town Series unblocked  

NameDaymare town
DeveloperMateusz Skutnik
OSWindows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 10
Windows 8 /
Windows Vista /

The Daymare Town series (Daymare Town 1, Town 2, TOWN 3) is a landmark series of comedy shows created by Mateusz Skutnik, combining terrifying art and music aimed at a strange and scary genre. Your goal in the game, as a player, is to escape from the city you are trapped in. Check it out here; it’s fantastic and enjoyable. 

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Top 10 super addictive online games

  • Great game
  • Draw all the remaining ink
  • Draw all the watercolours
  • Ending puzzles
  • adding introduction
  •  outro, ending the game 
  • Testing

Creates three trailers: 

  1. show 
  2. release
  3. play
  4. Apart from all that – the future is foggy.

Karoshi: Suicide Salaryman Walkthrough 

NameKaroshi Suicide Salaryman
DeveloperYoYo games Ltd.
GenrePlatformer, General, Platformer, 2D, Action,

“Karoshi” is a Japanese word and means” death by overwork. “In this game, many things are not to be expected, and the goal of each level is the opposite: you need to die.

Top 10 super addictive online games

Each section presents a new challenge. You can use a few things to solve puzzles, and in later levels, the game will break its rules to surprise you.

The game is funny in its purpose. You play Karoshi, an unhappy office worker who tries to commit suicide in very new ways. You can start the game with 50 lives, and your goal is to find ways to commit suicide at each level. Play this weird puzzle game here – primarily because it’s related.

Crash Planning: excel game 

This looks like a vague weekly spreadsheet. Little do your colleagues know that it is a Bubble-Breaker game style, in which you have to move cells to collect them in three or more same coloured blocks to disappear. 

Crash planning excel game

However, one of the best features of crash planning is;

  • When you press the spacebar, the game stops and all the  features disappear from your screen 
  • No one will find you (unless checking your internet history, but that’s another problem).

Crash Planning office game is a popular game, especially because you can play it under your manager’s nose. Do you believe in me? Go here to see it. It’s like it’s an Office Excel sheet and your principal goal is to use the same coloured boxes to disappear.

Snow Line: Snow Line game unblocked

Let’s wait until Christmas to play this game because it’s as tense as intelligent. This intelligent and skilful game requires you to draw a line of ice on the screen so that Santa’s slide slides across. Be careful with the slopes you create as they move the slider forward. 

Snow Line game

You can play it here.

It can also be played in the office to relax and also nobody will know what you are doing? Santa Claus collects gifts ready to be delivered on Christmas Eve.

The Maze: Maze militia mod apk

Requirements5.0 and up
Playstore LinkThe Maze: puzzle game

The game’s objective is to find your Maze runner through your Maze that collects sprites without touching the maze lines before the clock expires. 

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The Maze game

The Maze has five achievable goals:

  • Escape
  • Win a prize
  • Follow a path
  • Be a metaphor
  • Be a stage

Escape: The most common purpose of a maze is to challenge the visitor to find a way to escape and escape. It is true of many pencil and paper mazes and hedge mazes.

This is the ultimate fuck idea. Maze is a puzzle game based on Christopher Manson’s book The Maze. Created with a simple text format, like a book, each page means a door in a maze that opens doors on different pages in the book. Your goal is to find your way from page 1 to page 45 and return with the shortest route. Enjoy it.


The multi-award-winning online typing competition, TypeRacer, allows people to participate by writing down quotations from films, books and music. The first online multiplayer typing game online. Since its debut in March 2008, millions of players across the globe have completed thousands of races and have improved their speed of typing fifty words/minute. 

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Type racer

If you’ve been working with computers for the greater part of your life, this is the game for you. Think of a game based on typing speed. Is it boring? No. The game gives you a small piece of word typing in as short a time as possible while competing with other players online. Go ahead and test your typing ability here.

Gold Panic: Free download

Gold Panic is a simple maze game in which you have to find a way to enter the mine and then push Gold into a small, compact cart to collect it. The game can be a constant enjoyment and pass the time.

Gold panic

It’s ideal for those who prefer simple, but interesting games. It is a great way to keep entertainment for your free time at the workplace. It can be played at work to get some time to relax when you are overwhelmed by work.

You can play your game here.

QWOP: Mod Apk v1.0.2 [Free purchase][Paid for free]

Android versionAndroid 2.3

QWOP is a 2008 ragdoll browser video game developed by Bennett Foddy, a former Cut Copy bass player. Players control an athlete named “Qwop” using the keys Q, W, O, and P only. The game became an online meme in December 2010. The game helped Foddy’s site reach 30 million hits.

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If you’ve not played this game, you’re being left out of one of the most bloody games ever made.

I mean, what the hell did they think of creating a game that was impossible to win? You have to control the athlete’s legs using the keyboard’s Q, W, O, and P keys. Try it here and tell us how much you failed because I quit.

Trivia Machine: Trivia machine reloaded

Trivia Machine is a simple, fun and challenging reality game. Nine different categories will challenge you by coming three at a time. Select a category in 1 of 3 difficulty levels. The higher the difficulty, the more points there are! Now then, the bonus questions arise. Answer this and get extra points, opportunities, or opportunities in the Lightning Round, where you have to answer ten questions in 1 minute to get the main points.

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Trivia Machine

I thought I would add an excellent trivia game to the mix. Trivia Machine is a perfect trivia game where you can choose to play questions in different fields like music, history and movies in three different levels, including elementary, scholarly and intellectual. 

Cubefield: Cubefield Unblocked

Cubefield is a fast-paced racing game that tests your ability to dodge obstacles with great speed. The challenge changes as the levels progress, so stay tuned and see how far you can go in this endless field of cubes!

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Cubefield online game

Cubefield is a popular flash game in the world. A racing game enables you to control a small cart in the middle of a field full of cubes you need to avoid collisions. If you get better in the game, the speed increases faster, and soon you will be spending more time in the game than you intended. Open your inner race right here.

Final Words:

Download top 10 super addictive online games to enjoy your free time at work or home alone.


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What are the top 10 super addictive online games?

  • Among Us(Download among us mod apk)
  • Minecraft (minecraft mod apk)
  • PUBG (Pubg mod apk download unlimited everything)
  • Grand Theft Auto V (Grand theft auto v mod apk)
  • Pokemon Go (Pokemon Go mod apk)
  • Free Fire (Free fire mod apk unlimited diamonds)
  • Crunchyroll (Crunchyroll mod apk)
  • Dragon City (Dragon city mod apk)
  • Monster Legends (monster legends mod apk)
  • Shadow fight 3 (Shadow fight 3 mod apk)
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