Sprite Fantasia Cheat Codes

Besides players, Sprite Fantasia Cheat Codes are here to provide their role in a game. It is a 3D medieval MMORPG with a funny plot, warm and adorable ” sprite ” pets, and a love and friendship-filled environment. Start your adventure in a fun and relaxed way!

Enter the strange and mystical continent of Saphael to discover the fantasy realm, where there are mountains, plains, rivers, and lakes abound. The journey here is no longer monotonous. As a Sprite courier, you will go around and coordinate the Sprites’ defense against the alien civilization.

Latest Sprite Fantasia Cheat Codes

  • PS68RGNJ334H

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  • VIP111

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  • VIP777

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  • VIP888

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  • VIP999

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  • SP777

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More codes will be released shortly, so stay tuned and follow us to receive updates and rewards. Please post a comment if any of the codes don’t work because they will have expired so that we can take them down.

How to Redeem Sprite Fantasia Cheat Codes?

To redeem Sprite Fantasia Codes follow the steps given: –

  • On your smartphone, launch the game Sprite Fantasia.
  • On the main page tap the profile/player details option.
  • The system/pack swap button should be connected.
  • In the box provided for gift codes, enter the given code.
  • To get your free incentives, go to the Exchange option after that.
  • Enjoy your free games and other delights

Beginners Guides Tips and Tricks

Improve your Sprite

They are the focal point of the contest. They will support you throughout the time and you can have them nearby while you are engaged in combat. Their upgrading increases your chances of victory or staying in that battle for a long time.

You must travel to Siwa Island to acquire Sprite King’s Power Dust, which you can only acquire by completing the quest on this specific island, in order to enhance them.

You can also enter Sprite’s elevated version if you can reach level 70.

Main Quest

All of us want to level up, but in order to do so quickly, we must complete the primary objective, which will increase our experience points and make us more capable of winning battles.

Setting the primary mission as your top priority will improve your rewards and combat power. Making your character and weapon better and more immersive will improve the gameplay experience. Once you acquire a class upgrade, specific skills are also available.

Finish your Daily Tasks

Sprite Fantasia free gems has a variety of different tasks players must complete in addition to the game’s main quests if they want to get the highest rank possible. You can use the many modes that are unlocked once you complete a level to enhance your gaming experience. Other game types can be used to earn gears, gold, memory cards, and much more. While completing other objectives is just as crucial as finishing the tale quests, they are both significant.

Replace other players on your screen

You might discover that there are spots where many other players are gathered together if you’re in places like cities. Due to the abundance of animated sprites, player names, and iconography, your screen may become cluttered.

You can flip a button to render the other players disappear on your screen if you only want to concentrate on your own character. You can discover a symbol that resembles an eye in the icons at the top of your conversation bar on the bottom side. This can be found between the camera and gear icons. You can let the other players vanish by tapping on the eye.

Equipment Purchases

In addition to controlling your own character in Sprite of Fantasia, you will also have a companion known as a Sprite. Both equipments for your hero and equipment to strengthen your Sprites are available.

When buying, pay attention to the equipment and ensure that you read if it’s intended for your character or your Sprite. When you buy a certain weapon in the game from the mall, you can question why it’s gone missing. On occasion, you might have bought a Sprite gun instead and it ended up with your pet.

Game Information

  • Title – Sprite Fantasia – MMORPG
  • Publisher – X-Legend Entertainment Co., Ltd.
  • Genre – Role-Playing Game


Therefore, it is concluded that we have tried to cover all details regarding Sprite Fantasia Hack. You will find complete information here. Now it is upon you to redeem them and claim the rewards. Kindly try to redeem them as it is so that you do not miss any incentives. Let’s make your game more interesting.


What do Sprite Fantasia gift codes entail?

Unique letter-and-number combos that can only be produced by developers are for Sprite Fantasia Gift Codes. With each code, players can receive free memory cards, tickets, prism gems, and other premium items in-game.

How can we get new Sprite Fantasia gift codes?

Social media sites including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, YouTube, and Discord all offer Sprite Fantasia codes. The flaming ninja gift codes are frequently made public for significant occasions including festivals, partnerships, milestones, and special events. We never share hacks because the majority of them don’t perform and will result in your account banned. 

As soon as fresh redemption codes become accessible, we’ll update this page. To make sure you don’t miss any new codes, save this page and come back often.




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