Revived Witch Cheat Codes

Revived Witch Cheat Codes: Revived Witch is a gorgeous RPG game with its unique 2D environment and sprite work. There is an amazing work of lightning which makes it perfect to play.

Players are looking to hack the game. So, we are going to provide you with cheat codes that include working codes and invitation codes. Here, you will also find tips and tricks that will definitely help you in winning the game and make yourself dominant.

Latest Revive Witch Cheat Codes

Working Codes:

Following are all the current, functional Revived Witch codes:

  • springfestival

Utilize this gift code for Cloth Tiger

  • 932897

Enter this code for free Incentives.


Avail this code for 1x Kitty Cat Avatar Frame,  3Soul Cryolite & 1x Stamina Potion

  • Adventurebegins

Enter this code for Soul Cryolite and Stamina Elixirs.

Invitation Code:

You and then another player will each receive 200–300 souls via the Revived Witch Invitation Code. Codes are only available to the first 20 participants, thus we frequently refresh this list. Below are a few invitation codes that players have shared to receive free gems:

  • 44e740c8
  • 4340e0c8
  • 4875e0ca
  • 513660ca
  • 52a420c8
  • 5ece00ca
  • 614980c8
  • 624920c8
  • 6250e0ca
  • 62eea0ca
  • 682880c8
  • 6c1f40c8
  • 6e89a0ca
  • 709b60cc
  • 784f40ca

How to redeem Revive Witch Cheat Codes?

Follow these guidelines to use your Revived Witch cheat codes:

  • On your mobile phone, launch the game Revived Witch.
  • On the home page, click the link for player or profile details.
  • It is necessary to fasten the switch for the device or pack.
  • Fill up the gift code entry box with the provided code.
  • Click the Exchange option to get your free prizes after that.
  • Utilize the complimentary games and other delights.

How to Enter and Use the Invitation Code for the Revived Witch?

Follow the instructions below to redeem your Revived Witch invite codes:

  • Select “Event” from the menu.
  • This will be located on the right side of the Kingdom screen.
  • Now select “Invitation Pack” from the menu.
  • Any invite code can be copied and used to get Souls as payment.

Tips and Tricks for Players

Using Tools and Enchantments

You will stumble across a section labeled Equipment while reviewing a certain doll. By clicking on the Forge button next to each piece of equipment, you can level up both characters and things. The Power Levels of each monster you level up using this way eventually go up somewhat.

Enchanting, in contrast, hand, is a feature that enables you to modify any piece of equipment’s characteristics. Enchanting will, presuming you have a stat on Bodily Damage, give you a completely different trait, such as a similar value, at random. You can choose to keep it, discard it, or simply utilize the enchanted function once more; the decision is entirely up to you.

Find Diamonds

You will assume the role of a young witch in this adventure who must traverse several realities in order to meet new friends and take on formidable foes. The primary currency of the game is Diamonds, which may also be purchased with real money. The Shop interface provides a variety of options to assist you in selecting products of comparable quality.


Then there are the rarities. Therefore, UR will be on top. I don’t believe the EX is very simple to get rid of; you probably need to do something wild. SSR will be quite valuable. The color purple will be SR.

To answer any questions you might have, the rates are as follows: 

UR 2%, SSR 8%, SR 40%, and R 50%. 

We’ll see how it goes because, in my perspective, this is a little low. As the game progresses, perhaps they’ll implement a fair mechanism or improve the drop rates.


In RPGs like Revived Witch, the minimap is crucial, therefore you should always be looking for it. Minimaps are the cause of it because they give you extensive information. For instance, it informs you of the number of chests on a particular floor. Additionally, minimap maintains track of nearly all the resources you will need to achieve your goal.


In the end, we have provided the complete guideline regarding these cheat codes. Now you can redeem working and invitation codes. Thus, get the benefit from these Mythic Heroes Gift codes and claim the rewards. These will help you to boost your game. The beginners’ guides will help those players who do not know how to play the games and redeem codes.


How Do You Use Revived Witch Cheat Codes?

Open Revived Witch Cheat codes and touch on the settings button in the top-right corner to enter the redemption code. There, you can enter the redemption code to receive free goodies.

Suppose my codes don’t work. What should I do?

Codes in Revived Witch might expire more quickly than others because the developers are completely in control of them. A code that doesn’t work could be a misspelling, one that isn’t yet accessible to everyone, or one that was only valid for a little period of time before it expired.

Keep a copy of this page and come back later to see if Purrfect Tale has updated any new code to fix this.


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