Purrfect Tale Codes

Codes for Purrfect Tale: Game of role-playing The author of Purrfect Tale is BadMouse. By engaging in this game, you can experience what it feels like to be a sophomore in college who takes in a stray cat. You can expand your collection of gorgeous cats, alter your house’s interior decor, and participate in a fascinating narrative. You can acquire clothing and outfit as you like if even that isn’t sufficient!

Our assortment of codes can help you find whatever freebies you want. If you’re wondering how to accomplish it, there are directions for redeeming codes in Purrfect Tale underneath the list of codes.

Latest Purrfect Tale Codes

The most recent functional Purrfect Tale codes are provided below. These can be exchanged for free Cod, which can be used to buy a wide range of other game products. Flaming ninja Codes must be used as soon as possible because they become invalid after a specific length of time.


Redeem code to get for 20x Heart & 600 Cod (NEW)

  • happy1106

Enter a code to get free rewards

  • badmouse

Use the code to get free rewards!

  • gumino1

Avail code to get  888 Free Cod!

  • cutegumi

Enter the code to get 888 Free Cod!

  • lovinggumi

Redeem the code to get 10 Free Hearts!

 Purrfect Tale tickets have a time limit; these gift cards disappear after a certain period, therefore you should use them as quickly as you can to benefit from the features and progress the game. We keep an eye out for updated valid credentials for this sport, therefore we suggest frequent visits to this website.

To avoid any Purrfect Tale code new issues, please make sure that you enter the redemption code exactly as it stands in the list we have supplied above, taking special punctuation and letter cases into consideration.

Expired Codes:


Redeem this code and get free 20 Hearts.


Enter this code and get the First Anniversary Celebration Cake.


Avail of this code and get free 20 Hearts.


Use this code and get free incentives.


Redeem this code and get 888 Free Code.


Avail of this code and get freebies.

How to redeem Purrfect Tale Codes?

Observe the instructions below to redeem your Purrfect Tale Codes for hearts:

  • Open the Purrfect Tale game on your smartphone.
  • Click the profile/player details link on the home page.
  • The switch for the system or pack needs to be attached.
  • Insert the given code in the gift code entry box.
  • After that, select the Exchange option to receive your complimentary rewards.
  • Take advantage of the free gaming and other treats.

A Guideline To Progress In The Purrfect Tale

  • Use the claw-in claw machine to acquire Gacha capsules and unleash more kittens.
  • To increase the population, unlock additional cat rooms.
  • Cod and affection points will be awarded to cats raised as pets.
  • You will receive more goods or other rewards as your love level increases.
  • Buy cat dishes, place them in the cat rooms, fill them with food, and wait for Cod to show up.
  • Follow the Journal act sections through to the end.
  • To get double your win, watch the video adverts.
  • Unlock the Yard location on the map.

Attention to Affection

First, while your cat’s affection demands are little, their attention needs are a great source of simple hearts. You will eventually need a lot of Affection to go on to the next stage, but by that point, you should have enough cats to make significant progress in the game’s story. While you play, any fresh cats and dogs you meet might assist in soothing those animals that have been overly friendly.

Purrfect Tale Codes Tips and Tricks

Ideal Tale Advice for Free Cod

  • Anytime the cats want free attention, pet them.
  • You will earn free Cod as you reach the next love level. Additionally, free Cod in Purrfect Tale is offered each login.
  • Just use a claw to obtain the capsules or Gacha Balls that Cod may offer you.
  • Cod will provide free cat excrement removal from the cat rooms.
  • You’ll get free Cod when they finish it if you fill the cat bowl with food.
  • Check out the video ads
  • You can take the regular prize or increase it when you share the moments.
  • By completing Journal activities or tales or getting access to decorative items, you can unlock WeChat experiences.

Earn Heart With A Perfect Story

  • Watch the video ads to receive a free Heart.
  • images produced by the claw machine
  • Cats are becoming more devoted.
  • WeChat incidents
  • daily reward

Game Information:

  • Title – Purrfect Tale
  • Publisher – BadMouse
  • Genre – Casual Game


Here you have found the new working codes of Purrfect tale hack codes 2022, which you can redeem to get unique rewards. These rewards include free cakes, hearts, and several other free incentives. We have also provided expired codes, which you can find if any code is active. Then tell us in the comment box.


How Can Purrfect Tale Codes Be Redeemed?

To use the redemption code, open Purrfect Tale gift codes and tap on the options button in the highest corner. By inputting the redemption code there, you can get free gifts.

How do I proceed if my codes don’t work?

Codes in Purrfect Tale may expire more rapidly than others because they are totally under the developers’ discretion. If you come across a code that doesn’t work, it might be a typo, a code that isn’t yet available to everyone, or a code that was only active for a short while before it expired.

Save this page and check periodically to see if Purrfect Tale has added a new code to address this!


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