Pou Mod Apk Tips And Tricks – Pou Cheat Codes[April 2022]

Pou Mod apk is a nice game in which you must look after an alien. There are several max-level options, and you can bath or clothe your alien. It has all of the major elements.

We’re going to provide you with a few pointers on how to play this game. These items will help you enhance your playing skills and pass the level. Once you’ve completed all of the levels, you’ll be rewarded with a variety of prizes. Continue to frequent our website to stay informed.

Latest Pou Mod Apk Tips and Tricks

Get latest pou mod apk tips and tricks to unlock all characters. Stay tuned to get pou cheat codes to get unlimited rewards.

How can you get special items unlocked?

Download the Pou from Google Playstore


  • Scenes with candies: eat all of the candy nine times


  • Green Mafia hat: color tap 75 pous
  • Orange black Mafia hat: 250 pous


  • Snow Terrain: Hill driving reached 75 meters
  • Muddy terrain: on a hill drive, we got to 150 meters.

The Color Of Your Body

  • White body: 3000 pounds in the color match 
  • Black body:  Score 500 in sad tap
  • Gold body color has been attained at level 22.


  • All flowers: 5000 times watered

Achievements in the Food Industry

Take a glance at your Pou’s culinary accomplishments. Do you want to know how to get more Pou’s food accomplishments? If you answered yes, continue reading… Simply buy a lot of food (with the same type, for example, order a variety of sushi), continue to feed it to your Pou (if necessary, apply a hungry potion), and you’ll quickly have a wide variety of food accomplishments.

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Pous of various sizes

Feed Pou a lot of food and keep feeding him until he stretches out to the edge of the screen. Purchase a fat burner elixir and give it to Pou if you want him or her to rebound.

Shady Reputation of Pou

To do so, grab a piece of paper, open Pou, and navigate to Pou Sounds. After that, you should sketch each of the four points. When you’ve completed the round, step over the line. Make a four-column table. “Red” is the very first, “Green” is the next, “Blue” is the next, and “Yellow” is the fourth. Then you’ll have no trouble getting badges.

Hill-driving Combo

  • The majority of gamers are unaware of the ideal automobile combinations for various terrains. 
  • The ideal combination for grass terrain is a tier 2 engine, level 10 chassis, and level 1 wheels. 
  • For snow terrain, set the engine and balance to level 10 and the tires to level 1. 
  • All level 10 for muddy terrain. 
  • To access the mud terrain, perform the grassy terrain with the above combo and obtain a score of 150 meters. 
  • Then, utilizing the above combination, play the mud terrain to unlock all of Hill Drive’s awards. 
  • This strategy helped me attain my goals in hill driving.


Here are some tips and tricks of Pou Mod that you can utilize to make your game more interesting. These tips and tricks help you to unlock amazing features such as new skins, unlimited coins, max levels, etc. We are constantly updating them. So, keep yourself updated by visiting our website.

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