My Singing Monsters MOD APK v3.3.3 (Unlimited Gems/Money)

NameMy singing monsters mod apk
ModUnlimited Gems, coins and money
DeveloperBig Blue Bubble.
Latest versionv3.3.3
Last updatedDecember 2021
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Welcome to My Singing Monsters Mod APK – a world of animals full of singing. Join My Singing Beasts, and your job is to take care of the monsters to earn the reward for the best songs that sing in their mouths.

My singing monsters mod apk

My Singing Monsters players will start on a quiet island, and your job is to break that silence by raising monsters to build the perfect band. 

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Storyline – mod apk

My Singing Monsters is an old music development game installed on iOS. It is a green country full of fascinating monsters. So, various monsters in the game can be upgraded, collected, and upgraded.

Thankfully, these monsters have their unique singing voices, and players can collect them to create unique sounds in their world. There are more than 30 monsters to control, and each island has its concert hall.

My singing monsters mod apk

On each of the beautiful islands of My Singing Monsters mod apk , players have to perform a series of tasks such as planting trees, moving unnecessary buildings to be replaced by the latest facilities, buying food for the animals, and feeding them.

Then, upgrade monsters and make extra money. There are more than 30 species of beautiful monsters in My Singing Monsters. Players can unlock various monsters and build their own private world while planning and organizing monster environments.

30+ species of popular and non-real animals. They are all collected!

My singing Monsters dawn of fire mod APK

  • Gather your monsters to make more!
  • Fantastic art, images, sound effects
  • Earn levels to unlock more monsters and objects!
  • Creative green islands, each island has its own unique theme and monster location
  • Many ornaments and buildings affect all monsters
  • Create a unique combination of locations and sounds
  • 3D sounds, with many songs individually
  • Achievements and Rewards
  • More monsters, islands and weekly music content
  • A common game with RPG and tower collecting coin mechanics


The monsters in this love music project will be singing when the egg hatches. When you develop a small garden, BGM will be very popular!

After the game begins, when the first screen appears, the rocklike monsters take on a drum-like rhythm, and the white beasts sing “Bourne Bone.” You can create unknown monsters by finding eggs by mixing and buying, and hatching them.

As the number of monsters grows, the background music increases and grows from being alone to a non-small choir. There is also a small game where you can remember how the beasts sing, making them ready to wait for the end of hatching. You will also receive a prize for every small game.


And this is not the only thing you can do. You can also enjoy the incredible fun of a bit of garden game by removing trees and boulders, creating tricks, and raising them into monsters to climb and earn more money.

Above all, it’s fun that BGM gets excited as the number of monsters grows and players wonder what the finished form will be for them to play forever. You will be glad that you can feel your hard work not only with your eyes but also with your ears as you try to make your monster choir.

Extra Features Of My Singing Monsters Mod APK:

Are you sure you can sing like a singing monster? You can go back to when the Monsters began singing and see the magnificent Dawn of Fire. This exciting prequel to the hit mobile song My Singing Beasts features catchy tunes, stunning graphics, and precise gameplay.

Every Monster has its voice

Each beloved character will unlock a unique musical style that will be added to the song as you open them. It will help to create more harmonious sounds. Some creatures are vocal prodigies, while others can play complex instruments. It’s incredible until you hatch it!

Your Monster musicians can be bred and grown.

Breed new monsters

Do you want to increase your Singing Monster collection? It’s simple: different breed monsters together to make new ones. You can upgrade them by rewarding their hobbies and expanding your orchestra.

You can create a variety of unique items

Collect resources and build impressive buildings. Master the new, complex design! You can learn the secrets to whatever monsters you might face and add your flair with wacky decorations!

Explore unknown lands and discover catchy tunes

Exotic Islands are a great way to expand your horizons and discover new places. Every island has its unique music, performed by your Singing Monster masters. There are many!

Tips and Tricks for playing My singing monsters mod apk 

  • Know that when your monsters are very happy, they will soon produce coins. 
  • Make them feel free to look at their affinities, buy and place monsters and their favorite objects beside them.
  • As the level of your monsters becomes high, the more money you will earn! 
  • To raise them, you just need to feed them. 
  • The higher they go, the more excited they are.
  •  You can have five bakeries on each island. 
  • Buy food as soon as possible and keep it safe!

Remember to mine at each of your islands as it delivers one diamond in 24 hours. Always go buy diamonds and wear free diamonds because to watch a video for 30 seconds, you will put a ring in your pocket. But in my singing monsters mod apk you can get unlimited gems ,diamonds and coins for free

This game also requires patience because we do not have the watch we need for the first time. There may be one of the two animals selected in the new desired position during breeding. What you need is perseverance, and patience.

Overall Evaluation about my singing monsters mod apk unlimited money:

grow and decorate siging monsters

Creative theme

  • Your objective is to help the monsters utter their voices – a rare game for your mobile. 
  • Therefore, the game asks the player to take care of those monsters that love to sing and play on a small island.
  • The game begins like any other “farm style” game, with the birth of less important creatures to take care of. Instead of a farm, they are an island in the sky.
  • Initially, you buy monsters and put them in shape. 
  • Then something curious happened. 
  • Beasts accompany the background music and amplify it with their sounds. 
  • For animals to grow and develop their artistic skills, you need to feed and nurture them in the best possible way.

An attractive game principle

unlimited money

You will see yourself on an island, uninhabited, calm, and covered with greenery. The first Nunu we will put on the island comes in. A baby monster will make music using an instrument, its mouth, or part of its body.

Some drums, some stringed instruments, or artists, and there’s a DJ! When we add various monsters to our island, you will understand that the song will become more complex. It is up to you to compose your music with your favorite creatures!

Fascinated gameplay

Animals are acquired by purchasing them from a coin box or reproducing them among a few animals. To create new animals, all you have to do is try a combination of many monsters!

High-quality graphics and sound effects

My Singing Beasts offers a relaxed, music-based feel. The game contains 100 different genres, and you will have to grow, feed, and reproduce them to collect them all hopefully. So, join the monsters to compose your song as it sings for you!

Each Monster has his personality, and he will sing differently depending on where he lives on the island. Game art is new. Each Monster has a beauty.

How to Download My singing monsters mod apk – android 1, ios

  • Uninstall the original version of the singing monsters
  • Download the mod apk file by clicking on the link below;
  • After few seconds your download process will be started
  • After downloading the file let’s install it
  • Go to the settings<enable<unknown sources
  • After installation open the file and start playing your game
  • Enjoy!

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Personal Recommendation

Monster Chef is suitable for Pokemon fans because the pictures of the monsters in the game are all taken from movies, cartoons, and jokes.

Thankfully, these monsters have their unique singing voices, and players can embrace them to create unique sounds in their world.

There are more than 30 monsters to collect, and each island has its concert hall. This type of game is healing, and it’s free to download, don’t miss out!

Reviews on google playstore:

My singing Monsters mod apk

Final Words

My singing Monsters mod apk is a game that collects, develops, and builds your music world through various monsters.

The game’s main character is a group of monsters that sing in a distorted voice. All monsters can sing, have unusual sounds, and use a variety of instruments to accompany them. Depending on the animals collected, the songs created will be different.

Download My Singing Monsters Here! It’s a fun regular puzzle-type game. Players must collect their unique sounds in the game. Even if you do not know the music, you can combine it to create a beautiful rhythm. 

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