Iron Blade MOD APK v2.3.0h Unlimited Money/Rubies Download

NameIron Blade Mod APK
Size59.4 MB
Mod FeaturesUnlimited Rubies
Unlimited Diamonds
Unlimited Money
Compatible withAndroid 4.4 and up
DeveloperGameloft SE
Root RequiredNo
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Iron Blade mod apk is a one-of-a-kind Android action game. It’s a game from the Middle Ages, with a lot of magic and a lot of experience. It has three-dimensional illustrations that appear to provide a good look. All of the weapons have been trained, and the sound effects add to the fun of the game. It’s a top-rated RPG that depicts the dark era of Europe, complete with tons of black magic. 

Iron blade mod apk

The battle system, in addition to its fantastic aesthetics, such as shadows and textures, provides a lot of delight and amusement. Simply choose your favorite weapon and defeat your opponents to conquer the kingdoms.

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You will be knowledgeable of the historical period if you play this game. The game’s intriguing features allow you to struggle against King Philip and his allies to free the emperor. (When King Philip ascended to the throne of Europe, he massacred the populace to prevent anyone else from ascending to the throne.)

Modified Features of Iron Blade Mod Apk (Unlimited Diamonds)

There are more advanced features in Iron Blade Apk hack. Let’s discuss some of them;

 A History Of War 

Thanks to controls that were specifically designed for mobile gaming, anyone can enjoy the deep dungeon-crawling RPG action. These controls allow you to easily carry out fantastic chains of sword assaults in the heat of battle.

Iron blade mod apk

Create your fantasy battle style by combining taps and swipes in the game to create monster-hunter combos.

Fight a bevy of dangerous dungeon foes, all of them are produced from magnificent artwork and brought to life with fantastic recreation graphics, animation, and combat skills.

 Unleash lethal special-action attacks and concluding sword moves that deliver a grisly finale to anyone daring to fight you in the fight.

 An Amazing Adventure iron blade medieval legends hack 

  • You are in jeopardy.
  • You are being pursued by a swarm of demons.
  • Because the demons can find you, the stronghold you’re in isn’t safe.
  • You must be ready to fend them off before they can harm you.
  • You can try and figure out a strategy in this game. There will be hard missions that will require you to work hard.
  • Explore a thrilling universe full of warriors and intrigue. It is historically rich and set in a fantastical Europe.
  • Your RPG adventure will take you to a variety of interesting locations.
  • In Notre Dame, you’ll travel beyond other video games and face Demon Knights.
  • In a Transylvanian dungeon, you’ll also slay vampires.

 Competition With Other Players 

iron blade mod apk

It’s a massively multiplayer game that millions of people play daily. As a result, you must establish or join a squad to play with your team and engage in battles. It would be beneficial if you took any action and waged wars on the castles of other players to engage in combat with them. Winning each match will net you a plethora of bonuses and other goodies.

 The King Of Role-Playing Games – Iron Blade MOD APK + General APK  

Combat with dream weapons and battle armor earned from RPG adventure games. Upgrade your giant equipment to improve your evading and fighting abilities. Inflict ravaging spells and high-action skills on your opponents in the game.

 Moves in Combination to get unlimited money 

iron blade mod apk

One of the best aspects of this game is that you may customize your combination based on your enemy’s combat style and moves. By combining the tap and swipe of the screen, you may assess your enemy’s combat style and then construct your combination attack.

 All Devices are Supported to iron blade medieval legends RPG  

The code has been changed by the developers to provide you with a wide range of interoperability. The customized version of Iron Blade hack apk, in our opinion, is suitable with all Android devices, making it comfortable and simple to play.

 Controls for a Consistent Gaming Experience 


The gaming performance on an Android phone is far more constant and controllable. You can use these linked and related settings to counter-attack and defend more effectively and actively. You have complete control over the game and have access to all of its features.

 Actual Illustrations 

The iron blade game Apk’s mod version v2.3.0h has a lot of real and similar images and backdrop pictures of France’s infrastructure. This function enhances the enjoyment and engagement of the game. It also feels like you’re fighting on the streets of France.

 Hunting for Hunters 

hunting for hunters

You may use the monster-hunting feature with the APK, which implies you can fight terrifying monsters while fighting in the conflict. As a consequence of these fights and killings, huge prizes and gambling money are accessible.

 Rubies Indefinitely 

Rubies are valuable stones awarded as prizes in the Iron Blade game. They are extremely difficult to obtain by completing many levels. With a hacked version of the Iron Blade apk, you can get an infinite supply of rubies.

 Finish the Mission by Iron Blade Hack APK  

The primary goal of the game is to eliminate creatures. Additionally, the system will provide some additional tasks to keep gamers engaged. For instance, gathering goods, blood bags, looking for riches, documents, and so on. After finishing the quest, the knight gets levelled up to increase his strength and improve his body’s basic stats. 

  • Also, learn more advanced fighting skills like flying, punching, kicking, and so on. 
  • Because the work will become increasingly tough and perilous, players will need to have the stamina and strength of powerful creatures. 
  • You will also obtain significant incentives and appealing items such as costumes, support equipment, weaponry, and so on.

evolve your armor

 Other Kingdoms are being Attacked 

In multiplayer mode, you may simply go online and assault other players’ kingdoms, seizing possession of their castle and looting their kingdom’s assets.

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Iron blade: Medieval legends Offline mod apk

To play some MOD Apps, you’ll need Wi-Fi or internet access. Iron Blade MOD, on the other hand, does not need an internet service to play. 

What’s New?

  • Unlocked All Levels
  • Unlimited Coins
  • No Adds
  • Unlimited Everything.

How to Install Iron Blade Mod Apk on Android?

  • To get started, simply click the button beneath.
  • Pause for the download to complete before opening it!
  • On your phone, download the app.
  • Follow the directions on the package’s interior.
  • You can use this app once it has been installed. 
  • It’s fantastic since it has so many wonderful features.

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The sights and sounds of the Iron Blade Mod apk (unlimited rubies) game are both incredibly practical and pleasant. It provides gamers with an authentic and enjoyable experience.

Anyone who likes RPG combat games should download and play Iron Blade MOD APK from apkevolution. This game will provide a relaxing experience for you.

iron blade hack apk

Iron Blade also includes sensible graphics and pleasant sound effects that you will enjoy. The MOD APK enhanced version allows you access to a wide range of unrestricted features.

Download original version for Android on Google Playstore.

Get for iOS devices on App Store


Is Iron Blade a multi-player game?

Iron Blade is a fun game to play. It’s simple to play. You move by tapping or swiping, and then you fight with swords. Because of the 3D graphics, this game is also suitable for tablets and smartphones, but it is still simple enough just to play on iPhone and Android.

Is the Iron Blade MOD software available for free?

Yes, it is an easy game that may be downloaded for free by anyone.

Is Iron Blade a game that can be played offline?

  • Iron Blade, on the other side, is a huge game that consumes a significant amount of the CPU and battery on the phone. 
  • It has a propensity to drain the phone’s battery if not taken good care of. 
  • It also requires a persistent online connection, making it nearly impossible to play in areas where internet access is unavailable.

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