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Welcome to apkevolution. Here we have complete list of all possible Idle League Cheat Codes. Redeem these latest codes to get unlimited rewards.

Idle League is an idle turn-based RPG smartphone game. You’ll join the world of Illusion, assemble a band of mighty warriors, and fight foes to preserve the planet safe for Illusion’s unarmed civilians. You will gain various currencies, weapons, and technology as you progress through the game, which you may use to help charge up your heroes. You can also call other creatures to your team, whom you can switch in and out of based on their strength!

Idle league Cheat Codes

If you’re seeking free stuff, check out our list of Idle League codes. We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of all the most recent codes that are currently active and working. If you’re not sure how to redeem codes in Idle League, look below the codes list for instructions!

Latest Working Codes of Idle League

We’ve updated this article with the most recent list of valid Idle League tickets that can be swapped for Progress Stones, Diamonds, Summon Fortune Bag, and other in-game goodies as of today. These are the Idle League gift codes that we have found thus far:

Active Codes:

  • Idle888: Use this code to receive X 100 Diamonds.
  • IdleLeague: Use this code to gain X 10x Advanced Summon Tickets in IdleLeague.
  • Idle666: Use this code to receive X 50,000 Coins.
  • Idle007: Use this code to receive X 200 Diamonds.
  • Idle001: Enter this code to receive X 100,000 Coins when you redeem it.
  • iQiyiVideo: Get X 200 Advance Stones, 200 Diamonds, and 1x Summon Lucky Bag by redeeming this voucher.

Idle League Cheat Codes are only valid for a limited time; they expire after some days, so you should use them as quickly as possible to collect the rewards and advance in the game. We maintain an eye out for new legitimate codes for this game details, so be sure to check back here often.

Expired Codes:

As previously stated, the gift codes will only be valid for a limited time. We’ve included all of the expired codes here; you can attempt redeeming them to see if they operate for you: –

  • IceEmpress: Use this gift code to get exceptional benefits.
  • Happy2Month: Use this gift code to get great benefits.
  • November: Use this gift code to get exceptional benefits.
  • Halloween: This gift code can be used for exclusive incentives.
  • BestWish: Use this gift code to get amazing benefits.
  • GlobalApexDuel: Redeem this gift voucher for exclusive prizes.
  • TGIF: Redeem this gift code for exclusive offers.
  • FutureWarrior: Use this gift code to get exclusive benefits.
  • Happy Friday! Use this gift code to get great benefits.

How to Redeem Idle League Gift Codes?

There are a few simple steps to claiming a promo coupon in Idle League. Not very dissimilar to previous games.

  • To begin, locate and click the “profile” icon on the left side of the screen. 
  • Next, select “options” and then “gift code.”
  • After that, you must input one of the codes listed above.
  • Come back and play with the coins and tickets.

Game Info:

  • Title: Idle League
  • Genre: Role Playing
  • Download: Google Playstore

Game Features:

  • Explore different cultures and go on adventures with your friends.
  • Straightforward But Not Simple Approach At Your Fingertips
  • Offline Auto Fight, Quickly Reap Resources
  • Discover Hidden Treasure in Fun Dungeons.
  • Never fight by yourself.
  • Confront Wyrms by crafting warriors.
  • The plot of the comic is fantastic.


It was about the Idle League redeem codes in the finish. I hope you find this article useful and that you have used up most of your awards. Let’s all know if you have any concerns about it in the comments.

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Where may Idle League codes be redeemed?

Friend, you will enter these codes in the Idle League game’s exchanging code section to receive free in-game benefits such as a free diamond and other wonderful in-game rewards.

Where can I get a new Idle League to redeem codes?

Idle League distributes gift coupons through its own social media pages, including Idle League Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and Discord. The codes are usually released for special events such as game anniversaries, game re-births, game followers, and other unique events. Get your free goodies by visiting our site every day for a fresh code for the Idle League game. Free money, free diamonds, and other incredible free in-game incentives for gifts and bundles.

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