Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes

Guardians of Cloudia is a role-playing game where you have to fight against enemies. You need to unlock the various weapons and buy several items for this we are providing  Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes. We have provided all active and new codes which are going to be very beneficial for you. 

Unlock several rewards by using these codes and destroy the enemies. Let’s have a look at them.

Latest Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes

Working Codes:


Exchange for unique benefits.


Redeem for 100,000 Goldleaf, 100,000 Silverleaf, and 10 times the Sacred Windbell.


Use for special prizes including 10 Azure crystals, 100,000 Silverleaf, and 100,000 Goldleaf.


Exchange for a Sacred Windbell, a Diamond, and a five-piece outfit voucher.


Get for the Sacred Windbell x 10 and the Christmas Blessing theme.


Avail for special prizes such as a treasure map, 100,000 Silverleaves, and 100,000 Gold leaves.


Redeem for unique benefits.


Use for 5 Outfit Vouchers, 5 Windbells, 5 Gold leaves, and 5 Silverleaves each worth $100,000.


Exchange for 5x Chicken Support Tickets, 5x Windbell, 100k Gold Leaf, and 100x Silver Leaf.

Expired Codes 

No longer valid are these Guardians of Cloudia codes.


Exchange for privileged benefits.


Redeem for Treasure Map 5, Windbell 2, Gold Leaf, and Silver Leaf, each worth $200,000.


Exchange for privileged benefits.


Use for special goodies.


Get exclusive goodies.


Use for special goodies.


Redeem for exclusive benefits.


Use for unique prizes.


Exchange for three Sacred Windbells, 180k in Goldleaf, and 180k in Silverleaf.


Redeem for unique benefits.


Exchange for special rewards.


Get for A Bouquet of Roses x5, Diamond x100, Outfit Voucher x2, and Goldleaf x88888.


Redeem for unique benefits.


Avail for two of the following: Sacred Windbell, Bound Diamond, Goldleaf, Pet EXP, and Mystery Chest.

There is a limited time window during which you can obtain these Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes 2022. If you don’t use them, they’ll expire and you won’t be able to profit from the advantages we’ve just listed.

To use Redeem Codes Guardians of Cloudia completely and gain access to special features and in-game materials, redeem Arcade Hunter Gift Codes as-is and paste them into the save section.

How to redeem Guardians of Cloudia Redeem Codes?

To redeem Guardians of Cloudia Gift Codes, follow the steps given: –

  • On your smartphone, launch the game Guardians of Cloudia.
  • On the main page tap the profile/player details option.
  • The system/pack swap button should be connected.
  • In the box provided for gift codes, enter the given code.
  • To get your free incentives, go to the Exchange option after that.
  • Enjoy your free games and other delights.

Game Information:

  • Title – Guardians of Cloudia
  • Publisher – NEOCRAFT LIMITED
  • Genre – Role-Playing Game


Keep this page bookmarked because we will update it once a new functional gift code Guardians of Cloudia is made available. Additionally, please inform us in the comment area below if you wish to redeem the code for a certain mobile game.


My Guardians of Cloudia codes aren’t functioning; why?

You must finish the tutorial and level 25 with your character before you may redeem vouchers. Be at ease; you’ll get there quickly. Check to see whether you typed the codes correctly if some of them don’t work. If you’re playing on a PC, simply copy and paste the codes to prevent typos. The codes might have run out if they still don’t work. So be sure to redeem your rewards right away.

Where may Guardians of Cloudia gift codes be redeemed?

Friends, you can use these gift codes to obtain free goodies like free gems and extra gold coins by redeeming them in the code section.

How Can I Get New Codes for Guardians of Cloudia?

On their official pages on social media sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, and Discord, Guardians of Cloudia posts their gift codes. Game developers usually release the codes in celebration of special events like game anniversaries, re-births, fans, and other uncommon occurrences. You will get a regular new code for the Guardians of Cloudia to redeem the game and free rewards such as free gems, gold coins, and other fantastic in-game prizes.


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