Dragon City Mod APK-Unlimited Gems/Money/Foods(Download for free)

Dragon City Mod APK

is a game where you can build your city with live dragons instead of people. Take care of the enormous lizards, feed and raise them from eggs to adults. They will be on guard for enemies outside their habitat as well. It will allow players to fight back by taking control over other players’ pets that they’ve captured too.

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Dragon city mod apk
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Build a dragon City
Build a city on floating islands and fill it with farms, habitats for your dragons. Collect their cute babies that they will turn into beasts in defense of you at PvP Sands. Earn exclusive rewards and level up your Alliance by competing with other players. Expand your dragon collection with the power of all four elements. You can get dragons from special events or by mixing different breeds. Incubate rare hybrids with Dragons of Fire, Nature, and War to expand your collection. You can also get dragons from exclusive events.


Characteristics of Dragon City hack apk: 

The ” mod version ” is the easiest way to get food and gems in dragon city is by using the “mod version.” The problem with this game has been solved by someone who created his own modified version of the game. We now have unlimited gold or anything else that you need as long as your monster needs. So go ahead – download these free updates right now

  • It has unlimited gems
  • It has endless food and gold
  • There will be no ads in this hacked and mod version
  • Easy to install


  • Try to complete the Book of the Dragon. You have more than 500 dragons that need nurturing and collecting. Make sure your city grows with all their help.
  • A new breed of the dragon has been discovered on a distant island, bringing with it an entirely different set of challenges for adventurers to face. It’s like they are multiplying day by day.
  • Master the world of Dragons and defeat other players in a competitive environment to climb higher on leaderboards.
  • The Tree of Life is a magical place that many people imagine. It’s like your own personal wonderland, and this test will show you what powers the different types of dragons have.
  • Collect and give more and more power to your dragons. After this, you’ll see their real growth of strength in each battle.
  • Unlock the Ancient World and Guardian Dragons to expand your quest.
  • The mod version of this game will give you an unlimited supply of money and allow your monsters to grow stronger with just one click.
  • There will be no ads in the modded version. So you can enjoy the unstoppable game anywhere and anytime.



Dragon City has 3D graphics with unique, attractive, and beautiful colors. So, the user can enjoy the game for a long time due to its elegant structure and design.Mod apk is a small game, so anyone can easily download it on their android phones.

 Play Dragon City Mod APK:

 The main objective of Dragon City APK is to collect more dragons. Once you order them, then teach them to fight with other dragons. Then bring your trained dragons to the battle like PVP.


Dragon city mod apk
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Players Vs. Players Battles(PVP Vs. PVP):
In Dragon City Mod, there are a variety of battles. Players Vs. Players are one of them. These are just considered masters of mod games. For becoming a master, you have to defeat your opponent players using your unique dragons. In this battle, you have to collect dragons, assert the warrior’s chests and uplift the leather-board.

 Install Dragon City Hack APK:

  • Click the link below to download the dragon city hack apk
  • Click on the fIle manager and find your downloaded file there.
  • Then click on the Install option and start the process of installing.
  • Install the apk
  •  Download and install the modded version of Dragon City from here 
  •  Open up your game, and you should see a message that says “Mod Enabled” at the top left corner of your screen
  •  Play as usual, but now with all those extra goodies.
  • Enjoy.


  • Unlimited gems
  • No Ads
  • Infinite energy
  • High level of gold coins
  • Free and easy to install
  • It allows players to own dragons, breed them and compete with other players.
  • Each player gets connected with the other ones via live chats.


Recently, there has been a lot of hype about the Mod APK. Although it is highly addictive and can be fun to play with friends, there are many disadvantages that come with this game which are as follows:

  • Players must spend money on in-game currency if they want to advance quickly in the game without waiting hours for each new level or dragon egg. 
  • The levels take an extremely long time to complete and require a significant amount of patience which some gamers may not have. 
  • There are also other ways players can cheat by downloading an app that could get them banned from playing games altogether. 
  • Sometimes playing this modded version of the game can result in frustration.



Dragon City APK is a popular game for Android phones which has been downloaded more than 1000 times. It is very addictive and there are many different things to do in the game.


You can create your own dragon, go on quests to fight dragons or build up your town with friends. Amazing game :))


Some people say that it’s too hard to get gems but it’s worth playing because of how much fun you can have when you’re not stuck on one task. I recommend this app if you like games about building, fighting and socializing with other players.


Personal recommendation:


Do you feel safe downloading dragon city mod apk?
Yes, it’s an excellent way for anyone to get free gems.

How does dragon city apk work?

  • The game is easy. You download it and start playing.
  •  It’s a breeding simulator that allows you to build your city of dragons, complete with habitats, shops, and more. 
  •  Dragon City Apk is free to play, but there are in-app purchases available for those who want to progress faster through the game. But you can download the premium version free from our website www.apkevolution.com.

What are the Dragon City Mod APK's features?

  •  Specialized dragons
  •  Unlimited gems and gold
  •  Free dragon upgrades

Download Dragon City mod

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