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Clash Royale Hack:

is a moded version of original clash rpyale. This is one of Supercell’s newest games, and it has already accumulated over 10 million downloads worldwide. It’s a strategy game that features combat with armies of both ground troops and flying troops. You can create your own clan with Clash Royale Hack and fight other players online to become the best army there is. But how do you get more gems? That’s where our website comes in handy!

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Clash royale hack

Features of Clash Royale Hack:

  • Unlimited gold
  • Unlocked chests
  • Extraordinary speed
  • New cards
  • Latest Updates
  • TV and News
  • Latest Events
  • Compatible with Android devices
  • Multiplayer game
  • Private Servers
  • Option of Donations
  • Clan System
  • Availability of tower skins
  • Command features

Servers of Clash Royale Hack:

  • Null’s Royale

Null's Royale

  • RLight


  • Master royale

Master's Royale

How to Get Gems in original version Clash Royale:

You can get gems in Clash Royale by implementing following methods:

Play for the First Time:zz

In the beginning, you will receive a chest from which you can already get some gems. This is definitely not enough to make any serious progress in Clash Royale as far as the next arena as soon as possible because it takes a lot of time and effort. But it’s still worth trying

Battle for Chests:

Another way to get gems in Clash Royale is to take part in the battles for chests. Here you can then get several gem rewards after each victory in arena, league or challenge. These can be offered as a prize in addition to 100 gold coins. But here too there are limits because one gets for example for 10 consecutive victories in league battle only 1 chest each time.

Buy Gems:


On the Internet there is also a store that sells gems for real money. They sell it mostly in packages, so you can buy up to 450 gems per purchase for $4.99 and more than 2,800 gems at once for $79.99. But you can get all gems free of cost from our website through clash royale hack.


Last but not least, you can get gems by trading with other players. Trading is the easiest way to get further fast in Clash Royale. You should notice that there are several opportunities to trade with other users, so it’s up to you how far you want to go for this method. You can simply look out for people who want to buy gems or search for yourself. Then just contact them and ask what they’re looking for.

You can get free gems in Clash Royale by following any of these methods. Whether it’s the battle, chest or trading. We wish you good luck with your Gems

Checking Out the Shop Every Day:

Every day, the shop offers deals that may or may not be useful. You can get free gems for buying gold. But this is only an advantage if you use the gold to upgrade cards in Clash Royale.

Building Decks:

You can almost always build completely different decks. This means that the deck also changes the rate at which you get gems. For example, if your deck contains mainly cards with a high level and many elixir points that is of course an advantage over the opponent who fields more cheap cards of lower levels.

Winning Strategies – Clash royale 

Here it depends on the strategy played by the opponent and on which cards one uses in Clash Royale. You can get up to 10 gems if you win an epic battle in arena 6. But keep in mind that you only get the reward if your card was destroyed by the opponent at least once. If you destroy all enemy cards while your own remains standing, then this does not count.

Gem Rewards for Achievements:

You can also get gems by reaching certain milestones. So you can get up to 50 gems for each achievement. But they are only unlocked if you already have the previous achievements

Playing the Trophy Road:

Another way to get gems in Clash Royale is to play the trophy road. For every victory against an opponent, you will receive a gem as a reward. The rate here is 3-4 trophies for one gem. That can be extended if you win consecutively. If you lose three times, then it’s back to the starting point again

Entering the Arena:

Once you reach the arena, then there is a chance to get gems as a prize. For example, you can win up to 100 gems for winning your first three fights in the arena. But it’s only if you haven’t entered this arena before and got at least one victory there .

Entering the League:

You can get gems as a prize for winning 5 consecutive battles in the league. But here too there are limits to how high you go. So at most 10 gems will be offered for this achievement. Again, you have to win against opponents who do not belong to your own arena.

Chest Rewards:

A chest contains a variety of items, but there are also gems as a reward. This is the classic way to get gems in Clash Royale. Here you can usually win 2-3 gems per chest if you have not already bought them from the shop for real money.

Opening Crown Chests:

You can win up to 10 gems when you open the so-called Crown Chests. But you only get them if you have opened a 3 crown chest or higher before.

Buying Gems:

In the shop, there is also a page for buying gems. You can buy 1 gem per $1 and more than 550 gems for $50 here. This is usually worth it if you want to use all your gems at once, because then any single gem costs 5 cents.

Trading Cards:

You can trade cards with other players in Clash Royale. This includes exchanging cards and giving away your own cards without receiving anything in return. This way, you can get several gems. However, this method is usually pretty difficult and seldom works well enough .

Trading Crowns:

You can also trade your crowns for other players in Clash Royale. This also includes all cards attached to the crowns as well as any chests that were won with it .

Playing in Special Event Challenges or Global Tournaments:

In special event challenges, you can often win a gem as a reward. But this also depends on your performance in the tournament and how well you have played .

Clan Challenges:


If you play in a clan challenge, then there is a chance to get gems if the clan wins the match. In every victory, all members of the clan who have taken part in at least one fight will receive a gem. But this is only worth it if the victory has occurred against an opponent in another arena. A 5 crown battle counts three times as much for this purpose .

Guessing Game:

There are also special challenges in which you can guess how many wins per day a certain opponent will have. If you guess well, then you can win between 1 and 5 gems as a reward. This usually requires a large number of fights though .

Obtaining Duplicate Magic Items:

If you open chests in Clash Royale, then these also contain so-called magic items. These are primarily extra cards for your deck. But sometimes there are duplicates of rare and epic cards .

Duplicate Cards:

duplicate cards

It has to be said that duplicate common cards don’t help you much in the game because they can not be combined. But you can combine duplicate rare, epic or legendary cards .

Combining Duplicates:

This is done by simply dragging the card you want to combine with another one of the same kind into your spell book. This will then release a new Magic Item for free which you can use in your deck. For example, this can be an epic or legendary card .

Combination Recipes:

Since you need to combine exactly the same cards, it’s helpful to look at the list of combination recipes for all common, rare, epic and legendary magic items. This way you can easily see what you should do with your duplicates.

Crown Chest Exchange:

If you have opened a few crown chests in Clash Royale, then there is another opportunity to get gems for free. You can exchange the cards out of the chests for coins or gems here.

Participating in Clan Wars:

In Clan Wars, you can not only win Gems from Clan Chests for your clan. The winner also automatically receives a reward of 150 gems in his inbox. But this requires a lot of success and usually happens only if the opponent came from a higher arena than your own .

Grinding Mines:

When you attack or defend in Clash Royale, you can also take part in so-called mine battles. This is a special mini game and you and your opponent each have a little village with several buildings. You should attack these buildings as quickly as possible to earn crowns and chips .

Mining Chests:

In the process, there are green chests which you can unlock to get extra gold or elixir. There are also special chest mine chests in which you have the chance to win gems. This requires a lot of luck because it is completely random .

Fast Gem Acquisition:

If you want to get gems quickly, then you should buy them with real money. The cheapest gem costs 5 euros, the most expensive 100. Buying gems this way is a very fast process and you can choose from different payment methods.

How to Conserve Gems:

If you want to be economical and use your gems economically, then you should make good use of the most expensive card in Clash Royale: The legendaries .

Saves with Legendaries:

This means that you will only play these cards when they are really necessary. You can not simply fill up your deck with them .

Don’t Do These Things:

If you want to be economical, then it’s also best not to use your gems for anything else. Donating them to your clan or buying chests are good ways of wasting money .


It is much more worth donating 10 cards to your clan rather than spending 20 gems on a new chest .

Buying Chests:

And of course you should not buy chests with gems . It is much better to earn the required money by playing. And besides, new chests are released faster than you can spend your gems .

Clash royale how to hack:

Clash Royale hack - how to download

  • Download your Mod version with apkevolution
  • Click on the link and start downloading process
  • After downloading start your Installation process
  • Enter your username or email address you used for Clash Royale and wait a few seconds, then fill out the information that is required from you.
  • Click ‘Submit’ after you have finished filling out all the details.
  • After you have clicked the submit button, wait for a second.
  • Now just open Clash Royale on your mobile device and clash royale hack should be activated.
  • Enjoy!

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Commands of Clash Royale Mod APK:

  • /help – Availability of Command
  • /clean – Reset account
  • /status – Server status
  • /full – Upgrade free cards
  • /unlock – All unlocked cards
  • /skin – Gem,Pump,Gold

Conclusion: – Clash Royale Hack

Clash Royale hack is a multiplayer game through which you can enjoy individually or with friends also. You can get free gems and cheap cards quickly and easily. You should always combine your duplicates to get new Magic Items for free.


Is Clash Royale hack APK is safe?

Yes of course Clash royale mod APK is 100% safe to download and play. Make sure to download it from trusty website. Download your favorite with apkevolution.

How can I update Clash Royale Mod APK?

To update your Clash Royale Mod APK, you’ll need to remove the old mod and install the new one. First, uninstall the old mod from your device. Next, download the new mod and install it on your device. You should now be able to play online without any problems. Enjoy!

Which is the best Clash Royale Private Server to play?

There are a lot of Clash Royale Private Servers to choose from, but my personal favorite is Clash Royale Server. It’s stable, easy to use, and has never given me any problems. Plus, the people on the forums are always happy to help out new players. Give it a try!

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