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Candy Crush Saga is the world’s most popular game and almost all ages of people play it. It is a game where you have to clear the sweet candies. There are numerous levels and every level has different challenges.

We are providing some hacks and cheats which you can apply in your game and pass the difficult levels. You must act upon them to make yourself a Candy Crush Sega master.

Latest Candy Crush Saga Tips and Tricks

Start at the Bottom

Crushing candies on the bottom is preferable to crushing candies on the top since candies fall, allowing the possibility of a cascading effect, basically giving you free moves.

Go For Combos

Wrapped chocolate and stripes candy, as well as sprinkle doughnut hole and striped candy, are the best two combos. They can sweep out nearly half of the boards for you if they work together. This can also assist you in reaching areas that are off the beaten path or otherwise hard to reach. It’s the only way to pass levels like 181, which have inaccessible squares. In addition, switching a wrapped candy for another covered candy will burn a 6 by 4 area, which can empty a room.

Don’t take advice at face value

If you don’t travel for a long time, the game will search for matching and display it to you by shaking the candies. This is helpful, especially for younger and novice players, who don’t use such matches regularly. You’ll almost always be able to locate a good fit on your own.

Feasible Plan

You’ll flunk the tougher levels if you just create each match you like without thinking. Examine how the candies are arranged and consider what actions you can take to imagine a situation in which you can produce a color bomb or position pieces to remove jellies or other hazards.

Remove All Distractions

This is yet another suggestion that can be useful in a variety of situations yet may appear to be self-evident. However, like it or not, not everybody is aware of this.

So, if the level you’re on needs you to remove particular items to complete it, do it first – every time. This means you should destroy licorice, marshmallow, or chocolate as fast as possible when they want you to.

Prioritize Your Threats

Just go after candies that cause you more damage if you want to climb the ladder faster and get more marks. In this example, begin by removing the lower-level bombs before moving on to the chocolates. Eliminate the barriers to completing your quest. You will be able to save time and gain more points if you do it this way.

Make Good Use of Chocolate Candy

The chocolate candy bar frequently vanishes as soon as you eat it, reappearing only for the next round. With it in mind, do your best to ruin the bar each time you see it to ensure that it does not reappear in the following round. The reason you should always destroy the sweets is that it only functions by soaking the bombs and not by consuming your nuts or fruits. Only sweets that can eat and diminish the area are required in Candy Crush.

Use Coconut Wheel

In Candy Crush, you can select to employ the coconut wheel as an accelerator before the level begins. The coconut wheel produces three-striped sweets once it is picked.

It can even happen multiple times inside the same level, which is rather useful. In addition, when you mix it with other special sweets, you’ll get a lot of combos and bonus features. Basically, it’s a fantastic booster that should be used whenever feasible – just be sure to do so in the most efficient manner possible.

How to make more Combos?

  • To activate a double line blast, merge multiple special striping candies. 
  • Each of the stripes candies is activated, resulting in a row and column explosion.
  • To make a pass blast that can easily damage three rows and three columns, swap a particular striped candy with the polycarbonate sugar bomb.
  • To make several striped candies, mix the chocolate sphere special candy with the streaked candy. 
  • Then sit back and watch as each striped candy explodes one by one.


Here are all hacks and cheats of Candy Crush Saga which help you to make your game more interesting. All tips are very useful and can help to pass the levels. We are constantly updating them so keep visiting our website. Share all these with your friends.

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