Among Us Mod APK [All unlocked, Mod Menu, Always Imposter]

NameAmong Us Mod APK
UpdatedLatest Updated
Size123.83 Mb
Compatible withAndroid 4.4+
Mod All unlocked, Mod Menu
DeveloperInnersloth LLC
Last Version2021.12.15
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Among Us Mod Apk

is a game of action. The fantastic feature of this game is that it’s small and lightweight on Android devices. You can easily download this game on your android devices. So, you can enjoy the game without even harming your device.

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Among Us Mod Apk
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Among Us never require some extra features like an exclusive central processor. This game is also playable with friends or other players from the whole world. Its playability is simple, but if you play it daily, you can become addicted to it as it has many unique features, so you can quickly become addicted to it.

Features of Among Us APK:

  • You can eject all the imposters and win by succeeding at each task.
  • You can succeed in building a space shuttle.
  • All players need to quickly and smoothly move for their plans not to be harmed by traitors’ forces.
  • Security cameras monitor crew members at all times. It’s essential to keep track and stay alert because anything could happen in this situation. If you spot any sign of a defector, report them immediately, or they can escape undetected.
  • As soon as you see dead bodies, contact your partner player. You’ll need to discuss evidence and figure out the imposters immediately.
  • However, there are testimonies of both meetings and suspicious activities or behavior of other players.
  • Decisions need to be made when choosing who the people will stay and go.


Among us mod apk
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  • Mod Apk has impressively light graphics, and the spaceship looks gorgeous from the inside.
  • You’ll enjoy the suspense with the signature sound effects.
  • In this game, the animations come together to create some of the most beautiful visuals on display.
  • The game can run at sixty frames per second with included tools.
  • You could go for an even smoother experience by opting out and lowering your graphic settings.


Let’s Play Among Us Mod Menu on Android/iOS:

Among us Mod Apk
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To play this Among Us mod menu, you need to improve your aligning skills to defeat any of your friend or partner players.

Be mindful of “traitors.” Two or three traitors are available who are always ready to kill or finish everyone in the game.

You must complete each task and mission before being killed by the traitors. If you are ready to save yourself from these traitors and enjoy winning from your friends or enemies, download the latest and free version of Among Us Mod APK always imposter hack.


Finish your task like a CREWMATE:

In this 2-team, four stages alien abduction themed game, you have to finish missions before being reaped by either the Crewmate or Impostor. With each task being different and intense, it’s no wonder why people love playing as a member of either team.


Sabotaging and Eliminating Everything:

Among us Imposters
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Impostors are the opposite of Crewmates. They have a unique role, and their goal is to do anything they can, like destroying or killing all other crew members before being thrown out an airlock door. It means impostors cannot complete tasks, so it’s easy for them to get caught up in suspicion by fellow players. In contrast, there is no visual effect when you see one. It just looks like someone walking around on your map with no alarms going off about potential threats approaching them, which makes these imposters much more challenging targets than regular people cam pushers.

Destroy it and Burn the Key
In this space, you and your fellow players will be contestants trying to avoid suspicion. There are many features of the game that make these situations enjoyable. When a dead body is reported, or someone presses an emergency button. During this time, everyone must provide information about themselves to prove innocence while identifying suspects who may have been involved with killing them. The critical aspect of voting on what action should happen next can lead from one decision to another, making things really intense at times and somewhat enjoyable once all’s said and done.

 Download mod Apk on Android/iOS:

To install “Among Us mod apk” onto your Android/iOS device:

  •   Tap Download from Google play store
  •   Once downloaded, open the app
  •    After opening, please select Backup Plan
  • Set Up a New Account (recommended because you’ll be able to add friends through Facebook, Instagram, etc.
  • Or Click on the “Download Now” button given below:




  • This mod game is a strategic survival game where you must form alliances to help each other survive the zombie apocalypse.
  •  The best part of this particular mod is that it has no in-app purchases.
  •  So players can enjoy the full experience without having to worry about any hidden fees. 
  • This strategy game focuses on social networking and collaboration with other gamers as you work together to find weapons, food, and shelter.
  •  Working together with friends makes the gameplay more enjoyable. 
  • As your team will have a better chance of surviving day after day until there are no zombies left.
  •  With this mod, players can also customize their characters by selecting from an array of clothing options including shirts, pants, jackets and shoes for both male and female avatars.



  • The game simulates the real world in which players can take on the role of a human or an alien.
  • With the ever-increasing number of people playing video games, there is also an increasing number of gamers who are addicted to it.
  • However, there are many bad impacts that this addiction has on their life.
  • For one thing, they can’t seem to find time for anything else. 
  • Because all they want to do is play the game and keep getting higher scores or winning more often than before.
  • Secondly, when you’re always in front of a screen for hours at a time every day, your eyesight will start worsening which could lead to blindness if not treated properly.



Among Us Mod APK is the latest Android game with unique features and graphics included in it. Easy to install, enjoyable to play – full of craze and suspense, you’ll want your friends over for this one.

     The most point able feature of this game is how it effortlessly combines elements from both mobile and console gaming. It means you can play on your phone at home or bring the party with you as a portable system- which has been incredibly convenient given that many people enjoy playing games while traveling! The mod menu Apk also includes some genuinely amazing graphics that will have anyone looking into its beautiful world want more – remember to download yours now.



What is the difference between Among Us Mod and Among Us?
Among us is an online game played between partners on mobile or pc. Among the characters in-game are modded versions with different abilities than standard ones, giving players more ways to strategize their moves.
What are the features of Among Us Mod?
It is a modded version of the original game. It has a variety of new weapons, skins.  There are No Adds in this version. There are unlimited hats and pets in this version.
Is Among Us Mod Menu Apk free to play?
Yes, Among Us Mod Menu Apk is free to play and free to download on any device.

How do I install the Among Us Mod APK?

To download the android version of Among Us, follow the sequence mentioned below:

  • Among Us, mods are the perfect way to customize your game experience. 
  • Download and unzip this mod, go into install directory with Among Us file in mind (they’re usually found at C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\steam apps\<username>), drop all files from zip folder onto that same drive or another one where you have space available—you should see an icon pop up when everything’s done loading; then run among us no more wait seconds first time through.


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